Charting Our Course: The Story of Osakana Consulting

Founded on the principles of heritage, expertise, and precision, Osakana Consulting embodies the spirit of perseverance and excellence inherent in our Japanese roots. 'Osakana'—meaning 'big fish'—represents our mission to recruit the leaders who make waves in the packaging and labels industry.

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Osakana Consulting, LLC. was established by Taylor Davidson with the sole mission to help small to medium labels and flexible packaging companies scale with competitive sales talent and entrepreneurial-minded executives.

Our Core Values. "Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." - Theodore Roosevelt.



Preparation is not merely about the practical aspects of our work but also about setting a foundation for ethics and sustainability. For Osakana Consulting, this means fair, transparent, and effective hiring practices that benefit both candidates and companies.



Persistence is not merely about stubbornness or refusal to give up; it's about a deep-seated belief in the value of our work and the goals we aim to achieve. Persistence is understanding that worthwhile results require time, effort, and resilience.



It's about valuing human potential and aligning talents with opportunities in a manner that honors everyone involved. Deep rooted respect promotes a culture of integrity, where actions are taken with consideration for the wider impact on relationships, communities, and industries.

Meet the crew. Our team navigates the industry's depths, combining expertise with passion to deliver unparalleled results.

Taylor Davidson.
Managing Director

Taylor Davidson, Managing Director of Osakana Consulting, LLC headshot photo.LinkedIn Logo linking to Taylor Davidson's LinkedIn Profile

Before launching Osakana Consulting, Davidson graduated from the State University of New York Maritime College with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, a USCG Unlimited Tonnage Deck License, and dreams of fishing around the world.

Strong family ties and an entrepreneurial spirit encouraged Davidson to return shoreside. With now 5 years experience as an executive recruiter, Davidson is passionate about helping employers find the talent they need and salespeople find the dream careers they deserve.

When he's not introducing packaging and labels companies to their next top producers, Davidson enjoys spending time outdoors chasing yellowfin, pursuing whitetail, and navigating the mountains of the Western US in search of elk.

Lydia Walter
Marketing Director

Lydia Walter, Marketing Director for Osakana Consulting, headshot photoLinkedIn Logo linking to Taylor Davidson's LinkedIn Profile

Lydia Walter, masterfully blends scientific rigor with strategic business acumen. Holding a BS in Chemistry from Western Connecticut State University, she pivoted her analytical focus toward B2B marketing and business automation. Lydia's expertise has been pivotal in enhancing our operational efficiencies and spearheading innovative solutions that drive our company forward.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lydia is an avid adventurer, engaging in activities like hiking, hunting, and spearfishing. Her commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by her current training regiment for Ironman Lake Placid in July 2024. Lydia's remarkable balance of professional excellence and pursuit of adventure embodies the dynamic spirit and resilience at the core of our operations.

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